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The Couple

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Our Story

Growing up in the same neighborhood for most of our lives, we both went to the same elementary, middle and high schools, just two years apart from each other. Pat’s dad was Sarah’s older brother Matt’s scoutmaster and we both knew of each other within the circle of theater kids in high school. Sarah made the switch over to the technical side of theater (the dark side. get it?) and we started hanging out as mutual friends of friends who were dating (who are now Mr. And Mrs. Sloan). We got to know each other especially during our time working on shows for Greendale Community Theater and we started dating in August 2007. The rest is the beginning to our happily ever after…聽

About Sarah

Sarah Rose grew up in Greendale, Wisconsin – in the A section for those who are familiar. She was born with the bug for dance and horseback riding, getting as much of both as she could as a kid (not much has changed). Her dad made sure to mix that with a healthy dose of fishing, four wheeling and a bit of shooting for good measure.


In high school she got involved in cheerleading and then discovered theater, where she met some of her best friends through the shows she performed in.


She graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in spring of 2011 with a degree in communications and theater. Sarah works at Bader Rutter & Associates, an ad/marketing agency in Brookfield, working on an equine animal health client. In her spare time she gets as much horse time as possible (told you not much has changed) and plays polo at a local barn.

About Pat

Patrick was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Greendale, Wisconsin with his family when he was four years old. His family lived in the R section and then moved to their spot in the C section near the village a few years later (where they still live now). When he wasn’t trying 聽hide the damage he and his older brother, Rob, did to their mother’s plants while rough housing, he was very involved in Boy Scouts and discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age with a very lucrative snow removal and grass cutting business venture.


In high school Pat got very involved in technical theater and DJing, eventually working all of the school dances with his friends. He was also a resident computer-guru for the school district, winning him the favor of many teachers. He picked up a few other odd hobbies along the way, including working for Bartolotta Fireworks as a pyrotechnician.


He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in management information systems (computer stuff). He’s currently the IT manager for Clearwing Productions, a production company that provides lighting, sound and staging for concerts and large events across the country.