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The Proposal

Pat's Version

Hmmm… Where to start? I guess the best place to start would be the “Race for the Rock” event sponsored by Kessler’s Diamonds in September of 2010. This event was a scavenger hunt all over downtown Milwaukee with a first place prize of a $15,000 Ritani diamond ring. The scavenger hunt used a smart phone app called scvngr, to play the game your race around town to certain GPS waypoints and answer a trivia question about the surrounding area, you have 3 chances to get the question right. If correct on the first try you get 3 points, on the second try 2, and so on, until it just gives you the answer. We raced around downtown Milwaukee for about 2 hours and accumulated 90 points. When the “race” finished we headed for the end point to find out how we did. Since many questions took several guesses where we only got 1 or 2 points or sometimes none, we figured we didn’t do so well. Everyone gathered that day at Mo’s Irish Pub in downtown Milwaukee and they started to announce the the top 3 winners. I didn’t hear how many points 3rd place had, but from talking with other people we figured we had to be near the top. We were getting nervous, they announced third place by calling their cell phone, but since I didn’t think we really had a chance and I didn’t want to jinx it, I left my cell in my back pocket. They then started to call 2nd place… I heard a phone ringing, but it didn’t register that it was mine, but then I heard them call our names over the PA. We had won 2nd place with 90 points. This was cool, but then it registered that we had been so close to first place. First place beat us by just 2 points… To say the least we were a bit jaded, especially since we thought some of the questions weren’t exactly clear or accurate. Nonetheless, we had fun and walked away with a gift certificate to the jewelry store.


Shortly thereafter, Sarah and I started to look for an apartment to move into together. At the same time I was trying to figure out what she wanted in terms of a ring… I know she would be “happy” with anything I got her, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something completely crazy that she loved, just cause it was the ring. My only rule was that I would not take her shopping for it or buy it while she was with me. This meant the only way for me to know what she wanted was for her to give me pictures and descriptions, or “kidnap” me and take me to a jewelry store. Well, this is exactly what ended up happening, one day we were out shopping and had some extra time and her vehicle just “gravitated” to Kessler’s. Once inside the store I was able to behave myself during this hostile time and we looked at several rings and I finally had a good idea of what she wanted. It was completely different than all of the hints she had told me before, but nonetheless I now knew what she wanted.


So the summer flew by as we shopped for apartments and all of the necessary items we would need to fill it so we could functionally live on our own. Just before we moved in I went to Kessler’s and purchased the ring. However, at this point I didn’t have a plan or a place to stash it. On my way back to my parent’s house, where I was calling home until we moved at the end of the month, I went to hide it but got caught by my Dad. It was my intention to keep the ring completely secret, but I wasn’t stealthy enough. After swearing him to secrecy I quickly stashed it in my desk and locked the drawer… I thought I was doing pretty good, until that evening when Sarah came over. As usual we were hanging out until I needed something from the desk. The drawer that is never locked was locked and she asked me why?!? I don’t know what I said, but I gave some BS excuse about hiding something from my parents or something. She let it go, but I was now panicked that this wasn’t a safe place. I think I waited until she was had to go upstairs (my bedroom was in the basement) for something and quickly took the moment to hide the ring in the back of my pinball machine, which is normally locked and she never looks in or even messes with.


Now that the ring was safe I needed to have a plan for how this proposal was going to go down. Part of me wanted this to be a public affair and do the deed in front of friends and family…


PROPOSAL PLAN V1: Since we were just about to move I got the idea that I could do it during the move at the new apartment. Most of our family and friends were going to assist with the move and it seemed like a great way to end a day that we were excited about. So moving day comes and I prep myself for the long day and get ready to propose in front of everyone… Well as the day went on it became clear that it was getting more and more stressful and she was going to probably kill me if I proposed. Soo… after everything was in and we were all eating pizza I decided that it was a bad plan and called it off. At this point I needed a new plan.


PROPOSAL PLAN V2: It was nearing the end of September and I was getting anxious about proposing. This is when I came up with the plan to do it during an event in downtown Milwaukee called “Doors Open Milwaukee”. During this event many Milwaukee businesses opened their doors to the public and provided behind the scene tours. I was pretty excited about it and was planning every minute of that day to check out some cool places, one of which was the US Bank tower, the tallest building in Milwaukee. Now I was pretty sure that at this point Sarah had no clue that I had the ring. So we began the day and I stuffed the ring in my pocket and we set out on our self-guided walking tour of downtown checking out all of these places. We finally made it to the US Bank tower and I was getting nervous, waiting there in line to get up to the top. This building was a pretty popular one since the observation deck has been closed to the public for almost 30 years. We waited in line for probably an hour snaking through back hallways and a trip of a freight elevator through a mechanical room before we finally got to the observation deck. Once up there and we had the lay of the land we started to walk around. However, since they had plastered huge signs on the building and covered up the majority of the observation deck you could only see out the corners. And since it was a very popular attraction, the corners were packed with people and it was hard to get a spot… Since I couldn’t get decent enough of a spot to propose I was thinking this wasn’t going to happen and I would need a new plan. As we continued around the building waiting for a spot in the corner to see Milwaukee from 40 stories up, I started to chat up a security guard. I asked him a few questions like how often they let people up there, and if as an employee I could come up whenever. This is when my plan changed yet again…


So on that fateful day at the Doors Open event I was informed that as a US Bank employee I was able to arrange a private viewing from the observation deck. This very moment is when I formed the new plan that we would head up there at night and check out the night skyline and I would propose.


PROPOSAL PLAN V3: After many different plans and ideas I now felt like I this was going to be the one. In less than 7 days I arranged an elegant evening on the town starting with dinner and then private access to the observation deck at the tower. Working with a coworker at US Bank I was able to gain access after hours and have the lights set and colored the way I wanted. In an effort to throw Sarah off my scent I scheduled everything for Thursday evening, rather than the weekend. 6 days flew by quickly and the day was upon me. We started our days like normal, she had no clue what she was in for. In the morning I arranged a flower delivery to her office in the afternoon with a note that said “We have dinner plans, hurry home and dress up”. Now that the plan was in motion I double checked our dinner reservations and proceeded to double check everything else. Since I wanted to keep this as much of a secret as possible I was doing things a bit last minute. One of the things I was hoping to do was capture the “moment,” so as one of the last minute details I arranged for a friend of ours to get to the observation deck before we would and hide so they could take a picture. Since my friend didn’t have a great zoom lens I needed to borrow one. I knew her mother had an awesome camera with a good lens, so I called her up and arranged to borrow it. I gave her some excuse about our friend needing to borrow it to take pictures of a baby or something and that she would be by to pick it up. Meanwhile I headed over to my parents house on lunch to grab the ring and take it to our apartment in preparation for our evening. I got the ring and safely tucked it away in the apartment and started to head back to work. Well since I was completely scatter brained trying to plan a wonderful evening, I had forgotten that on my way to work that morning the low fuel indicator came on…I didn’t even think about it until it dinged again as I started on the freeway. Well I am sure that you can guess what happened next… As my car coasted to a stop at the bottom of the hill I sat there thinking “oh shit, what do I do.” Luckily, I had AAA and was able to call them for a tow. However, this threw me off schedule a bit and I ended up calling my boss to let her know what happened and that I would not be back for the rest of the day. Now normally, I would have just had AAA bring me 5 gallons of gas and then go on my merry way but I had been having other troubles with the vehicle and since I wasn’t thinking straight the symptoms seemed like an electrical issue. So after a tow to my mechanic’s and the addition of some gas I was given a green light that the vehicle was OK. By this time Sarah had received her flowers and I was hoping to keep an element of surprise here, but I am pretty sure she new exactly what was going to happen.


After what seemed like the longest, most eventful day of my life, the evening was upon me. I finally got back home around 5PM and Sarah followed shortly thereafter. I had already begun my lengthy process to clean myself up and get dressed. It’s not very often that I get dressed up and take Sarah out so I am sure she new what was what, but I decided to remain ignorant and pretend that I was slicker than snot. So we boarded our chariot (Sarah’s Jeep) and took a ride to our dinner plans at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro. Once there I could sense some nervousness in Sarah cause of what she was expecting. Ironically, I started to relax because we were on time and on schedule. We had a wonderful lengthy dinner and then proceeded to head to the tower around 7:30PM. Unfortunately for us the weather decided to be overcast, so it wasn’t going to be as pretty as I had planned, but this was happening either way. Now of course, I thought I was slick again cause throughout dinner I kept checking the time to make sure that we did not leave for the tower before our friend arrived and was settled, but I guess she noticed that… Well at least she says she did.


Anyway, at this point I am just focused on getting there and thinking that this is a grand surprise and she had no clue. We get got to the tower and took an awkward ride up the freight elevator with a security guard who let us on the floor. I was worried that they would follow us around all night, but luckily they lead us out to the observation area and then hid until we were finished. Now once again I thought that I was pretty slick by having our friend hiding up there and that Sarah would have no clue. I might have missed a few things with some bad directions, and the fact that we parked directly in front of our friend’s car on the stree… 聽Anyway, we start to look at the skyline and I had instructed Sarah to bring her camera so she could get some good pictures. In my mind I figured we would get up there and she would immediately be interested in the view and take some pictures. However, since I was so sly and she had no clue (sarcasm), she was waiting for me… Well this was the moment in which I decided it was now or never, after double checking that our friend was able to see and that this was going to happen. So I backed up and got the ring and dropped to one knee. I slowly said “Sarah…” giving her time to turn around “will you marry me?”


Now let me say that I had planned on saying so much more, but after the day I had my mind was completely fried. I should have written something down and maybe practiced once or twice.


She stood there silently for what seemed like forever. I guess I should have said something else, oh well. She than said, half crying, “GET UP”, which I did. She proceed to hug me, I assumed that meant yes, but I wasn’t sure since she really didn’t say anything. I think this moment took at least 15 min, or at least it felt like forever… But then she said yes and I slid the ring on her hand and it was official. That’s when I called our friend over and we laughed about the day and I finally relaxed.


So that is more or less my version of the story. Thanks for reading and we are happy to have you join us in celebrating our marriage.


Sarah's Version

[Who knew I would have the shorter version?! :) Haha! Now I feel like I should edit mine to add in additions where I defend myself against some of his claims, lol.]


Pat sent me flowers at work, with a note saying we had dinner plans, in the middle of a random聽Thursday, so right away I knew something was up. Our original plans were to go over to his parents’ house, where we were borrowing their garage to stain some furniture we had bought that week, to slap another coat of stain and/or sealant on, so I was definitely confused and then very suspicious when I got informed that we instead had dinner plans.


After I had received the flowers I texted him and later he called me – while he was waiting for a tow truck on the side of the freeway. He told me that he had to drop something off to a friend or something and that’s why he left work at lunch. I told him to let me know if he needed me to pick him up from the mechanic, but thankfully his car was alright.


I met him at home after work and we were both remarkably normal while we got ready and then we headed out for the night. We went out to Lake Park Bistro, an amazing french cuisine restaurant downtown overlooking Lake Michigan. Before we left, he told me to bring my camera (which I usually have attached to my hip anyways) so I knew we were going somewhere with a view and/or something special was happening. When we got to the restaurant I asked him if I needed to bring the camera into the restaurant and he said no, which was relieving to me because that meant we could enjoy dinner without me being nervous that he would propose at any moment in the restaurant, AND it confirmed to me that we would be headed somewhere after with a view, which I had a suspicion that I knew where…


After dinner we drove to the US Bank Center, the tallest building in Downtown Milwaukee. We had been there the weekend before for an event called 鈥淒oors Open Milwaukee鈥 where hundreds of private and historic buildings were open to the public for open houses and tours. That weekend was the first time in 30 years that the top floor of the US Bank Center had been open to the public. The event was very popular, so the observation deck was crowded 鈥 especially because the signs at the top of the US Bank Center? Yeah, those actually cover the windows of that 41st floor observation deck. Because of the signs, there is really only a view from the corners of the building 鈥 mix lots of people crammed into those corners trying to get pictures as well as a rainy, cloudy day and it wasn鈥檛 really worth it to try to get many pictures. At the time Pat worked for US Bank in another office location and he ended up talking to a security guard there. Pat asked if they ever let employees up and the guy said sure 鈥 just call the security desk (he usually worked second shift) and bring your work badge and I can take you up. We decided it would be a good idea to try doing that one night and get some awesome shots of Milwaukee all lit up. Well, Pat said we were there to get those pictures we wanted, but with the flowers and romantic dinner, I had my suspicions鈥


We got escorted up to the observation deck and then the security guard hung back by the elevator. Pat said, 鈥淲ell, start taking some pictures.鈥 I went up to the glass and took a few shots. As soon as I started shooting, I could hear Pat rustling around behind me and I figured I shouldn鈥檛 turn around until he told me to. He said my name and I turned around and he was down on one knee. His words were 鈥淪arah, will you marry me鈥 and I鈥檓 pretty sure my words were 鈥*a few seconds of silence*鈥et up!鈥 because I wanted to hug him, haha. I could also hear the clicking of a camera from down the other side of the observation deck, which was our friend Meri who Pat had arranged to get up there before us and hide so she could take pictures of the proposal.


To read more info about our story, stop by the blog of our wedding venue, where we were a featured couple: Real Wedding Wednesday: S + P